Teamsters Local 340 Retirees Association

Local 340 has an active retirees association; we believe it to be one of the first chartered by the International.

Elected Officers:

Robert Bickford, President
William Turkewitz, Vice President
Wally Johnson, Treasurer
Robert Piccone, Recording Secretary
Schumacher, Trustee
Richard Erickson, Trustee
Terrence Hanlon, Trustee
Norman Cressey
, Warden

The Retirees Association is affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Retiree Association. They meet on the last Thursday of each month at 10:00AM at the Teamsters Local 340 Union Hall, 144 Thadeus Street, South Portland, Maine 04106. Their annual dues are $12.00. If you would like to join, you may do so by attending a meeting.