To All Members Teamsters Local Union 340
COVID-19 and Your Local Union

We are all in this together. None of us has all the answers, but it’s our task at the office to do whatever is
necessary to continue to represent our members as well as can be under the circumstance of this Coronavirus, COVID-19. We hope to live up to the task.

The office is currently open and we hope to be able to keep it that way for as long as possible. We’re set up in such a way that we are able to maintain a proper social distance and Peggy Timmons and Stacy Nunley are doing a great job under an abundance of caution. The business agents are also doing everything they can do to maintain as sterile an environment as possible.

To that end and out of respect for and for the protection of the Local’s office and staff we are asking that. you do not come into the office unless it’s absolutely necessary. Please understand that there is virtually nothing that we can’t do for you through the telephone, text, email etc. The Local’s interactive communications devices and systems will continue to be in use. Business and representation will go forward regardless of personal face-to-
face interaction.

All of the officers. agents and staff are sensitive to the anxiety and stress of the uncertainty that is out there and all have pledged to be that much more attentive to communications from you.

In the meantime the Teamsters will fight to ensure that, Everyone has access to free COVID-19 testing; Every worker is provided some form of paid sick leave: Workers are not punished for calling in sick; Frontline
workers who treat potentially infected populations be provided with the appropriate protective equipment; Workers understand that they are entitled to worker compensation benefits if they are infected as a result of their work; Those receiving unemployment benefits while affected by COVID-19 are exempt from searching for work during that time.

To keep as informed as possible on a daily basis please visit our websites at and at our Teamsters Local 340 Facebook page and as always the International Brotherhood of Teamsters website at teamsters. org

Please bear with us as we sail in these uncharted waters, a voyage we hope will make all of us stronger and wiser than when we entered.

Fraternally, and on behalf of all of the officers, agents and staff of Local 340

Brett Miller — President and Business Agent Teamsters Local Union #340